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Spammers and Scammers

Have you been tempted to get foreign finance to consolidate your debt in New Zealand?


There are fraudsters and criminals out there who would have you apply for a loan online, and request loan approval fees, money transfer fees and many more direct or indirect processing fees before you will get your money.
DO NOT PAY THEM A CENT this is known as an advance fee scam.

How they operate

This is a real 'KICK YOU WHEN YOU ARE DOWN' scenario, where you are professionally conned into paying some money to some clever manipulator, who will attempt to use any method possible to keep you 'on the hook' and keep you sending them money
Take my word for it, any money you send, will never come back to you.
You will initailly get a request for loan application processing fees, then money transfer fees, and at some stage you will realise that you have paid more than you reasonably should, you will likely say enough is enough

Then either of two thigs will happen, they will offer you more money or they will start to get nasty.

Getting nasty

If you stop paying and say to the scammer, that they are not getting any more money, chances are they will threaten you with legal action, or threaten to send someone to your door to get the money or take your posessions.

Professionally speaking

The entire scenario is illegal, fraudulent, and breaks so many laws in New Zealand it is comical how these con men (and women) operate.

Lets break it down bit by bit.
a Credit contract for money which is borrowed by a New Zealander, in New Zealand, being paid by New Zealand Funds and enforced in New Zealand (due to non performance is in essence a New Zealand Loan, governed by New Zealand Law.

There are various safeguards in New Zealand relating to lending, First and formost is the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act, which outlines the necessary requirements of both Parties, including disclosure, performance, non performance, and especially the right to cancel.
> On non performance there are other acts which are there to safeguard you the lender, such as the Personal Property Securities act, the credit reposession act, the crimes act, and the harrassment act.


No matter which way you look at it, this is crime, and you are the likely victim.
In New Zealand the Police have set up a bureau to investigate these matters, NZ POLICE ELECTRONIC CRIMES DEPT however if you have paid these sub human bastards, I would like to inform you that the chances of getting you money back are slim, even more concerning is that your money could in some circumstances be used to fund terrorism.

Interview with a victim

How did you originally find out about the 'foreign lender'?
My credit rating in New Zealand was shot, so I started to look overseas for loans that I could use to consolidate debt.
I came up with a website that had a list of contacts, I just e-mailed a contact and things started from there.

How much did you originally apply to borrow?
I Originally asked for $5000.00

How did the subject of fees come up?
I was asked to pay a admin fee to start with and then more and more fees came up.

What were the fees that came up?
Paid admin first.
Then came bank processing fees.
government fees things like that.

What did they say to 'keep you on the line'?
They tried to talk me around by saying they are doing their best to help me and that it is just one more fee.

How Did you transfer the money?
By bank account later but originally through money gram and western union until I was black listed.

up to now, how much have you sent?

When you advised the scammer that you would stop the payments what happened??
If i didnt pay i would be sued and i would regret it.

Have you stopped paying them?
Definitely. No more.

what would you say to anyone that is contacted by someone offering money / loans etc and requests fees in advance?
Ignore it. Have done that a few times already.

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